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The Righteous Damashiro Cleaver

The Righteous Damashiro Cleaver

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How To Care

Wash separately on a delicate gentle wash cycle setting.

Dry on a lower setting or air dry.

Please note these styles are garment dyed and screen printed as each one is one of a kind. Some shading differences may occur as each piece is hand dyed and cracking may occur in the ink as we are purposely choosing to print over seams to achieve the largest print possible.

Achieve precision and control when cutting large meat pieces with the Baccaract Damashiro® Cleaver! Crafted with stainless-steel blades for ultimate sharpness, it ensures smooth, effortless chopping. Perfectly weighted and balanced, this Cuisine::pro® cleaver elevates your home cooking experience with a professional touch. Its traditional Japanese hammered (tsuchime) finish adds both style and functionality to your kitchen arsenal.


  • The Cuisine::pro® Damashiro® Cleaver 17cm/6.5" is designed for portioning poultry, larger cuts and small cuts of meat. It has been engineered to be weighted making chopping through bone and joint cutting faster.
  • The blade has been tapered to allow for a thinner and more precise cutting edge.
  • Engineered and tested to meet Rockwell 53 specification guaranteeing a blades hardness and optimum performan


Japanese Stainless Steel

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