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The Together Carving Knife

The Together Carving Knife

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How To Care

Wash separately on a delicate gentle wash cycle setting.

Dry on a lower setting or air dry.

Please note these styles are garment dyed and screen printed as each one is one of a kind. Some shading differences may occur as each piece is hand dyed and cracking may occur in the ink as we are purposely choosing to print over seams to achieve the largest print possible.

food is everything.

the Sea Of Sound Together Carving Knife.
this is japanese grade steel.
cuts through it all.

Our Together Carving Knife effortlessly slices through roasts.
Ensuring beautifully carved dishes for your next festive gathering.

The Cuisine::pro® iD3® Carving Knife 20cm/8" is perfect for slicing thin cuts of meat. This quintessential knife can slice through poultry, roast, ham and other large cooked meats. Made from the highest quality Japanese steel, the Cuisine::pro® iD3® Carving Knife 20cm/8" boasts an extremely sharp cutting edge with brilliant edge retention for professional standard results every time. The Cuisine::pro® iD3® Carving Knife 20cm/8" features iD3® Microdots on the durable stainless steel handle that have been specifically placed on the main pressure points to ensure ultimate control, precision and comfort when chopping. Rockwell Hardness tested and ice hardened, the Cuisine::pro® iD3® Carving Knife 20cm/8" assures the highest level of hardness and tensile strength for superior quality.


  • The Cuisine::pro® iD3® Carving Knife 20cm/8" is great for carving thick slices of meats, fruit and vegetables. Narrower than a chef’s knife, with a curved blade profile, helps to follow contours and guide meat away from the bone. This knife allows for more precise cuts.
  • The asymmetrical handle design and iD3® Microdots assist in providing more grip so that the hands stay safely away from the knife blade.
  • Inspired by the traditional Japanese master craftsman and Samurai sword makers, Cuisine::pro® iD3® knife blades are made from premium Japanese Steel that has been mined in the same Japanese region of Chou-Ki Chiba since the middle of last century.
  • Backed by the Cuisine::pro® Lifetime Guarantee.

The Cuisine::pro® iD3® razor-thin, light weight knives, make for an extremely fast, agile chopping and slicing experience. They are perfect for precision cuts and mincing. Every curve and line has been designed for precise performance without bruising or tearing delicate foods. Inspired by high performance knives used by Japanese chefs, our exclusive Cuisine::pro® iD3® collection represents the very best in cutlery craftsmanship and technology.


Japanese Stainless Steel

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