About Us

Gavin Rossdale, iconic lead singer of the renowned band Bush, ventured into the world of fashion with his clothing brand Sea of Sound during February 2023. It achieved immediate success, with collections selling out and fans and designers worldwide offering widespread praise.

Rossdale’s London upbringing was enriched by exposure to a diverse array of fashion-forward thinkers, instilling in him a deep appreciation for style, comfort and individuality.

With unwavering passion, Rossdale is deeply engaged in every step of creating and growing Sea of Sound. From content to style, designs to materials, and every marketing opportunity, he continues to be a trendsetter. Sea of Sound represents a seamless fusion of Rossdale’s artistic sensibilities and his innate understanding of what fashion enthusiasts truly desire.

Each garment is thoughtfully crafted with a focus on aesthetics and practicality, reflecting Gavin’s commitment to creating clothing that people can confidently wear on any occasion.

Gavin Rossdale, Sea Of Sound, Founder:
“Whatever your chosen intent for the day is, it’s easier when you feel good about how you look”

As Rossdale evolves as a musician and fashion entrepreneur, Sea of Sound is the mural of his multi-faceted talents and determination to create a brand that embraces comfort, style and sustainability. With an ever-growing fan base, Sea of Sound is set to make a lasting impact in the fashion industry under Rossdale’s creative and visionary leadership.

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Sea Of Sound is a mindset to share. In a divided world, the greatest courage is to come together for a common good.

Fearlessness is the engine of inclusion.

We make clothes for the armies of the mind.


"Nutrition Facts" is our Guide to Humanity, the core of our tribe, the guide for the people behind the brand.

It celebrates bringing individuality together in a divided world. A true fusion of fashion and philosophy to transform your wardrobe and mindset.

The Nutrition Facts Collection holds the key to victory in a dark place. The message is loud ... empowering.

Live it and help spread love today.